Facilitation Services
We act as Facilitator between the Mine Owner/Grower and the companies who want to deal directly. By doing so, we make the smooth trading process possible.


Financial Services
Through our financial network we have rapid access to the financial community at the London and New York exchanges and banks for covering currency exposure. Our time-tested network of bankers and financiers ensures smooth financing, hedging, buy-backs, insuring of the commodities trade in a way that reduces risks and protects the trade contracts.

We makes good use of hedging products and risk management tools in market exposures to protect operating margins and reduce the downside risk to price volatility. We monitor currency movements and provide financial solutions that minimize exposure to volatility in currency trades.


Logistics Services
JLC General Trading”s strategy is to focus on its core business of trading and outsource peripherals of logistics like warehousing, storage, shipping to those who specialize in these areas. This strategy enables JLC General Trading in terms of concentrating resources for the core competency of our business.

Contractual agreements with haulage, transportation and shipping companies in lieu of dedicated network ensure the best-possible rates and the cost-savings is passed on to consumers.
We have established a wide network of chartering, clearing and forwarding companies to ensure the quickest turnaround time & Internal processes in terms of speedy documentation and cargo quality, ensure that the logistics operations run smoothly and seamlessly.


Angel Investment
We also act as an Angel Investor for new start ups or early stages of Business/Trading/Mining/Farming/Software Development to promote upcoming ventures.